December 31, 2011

85°C Bakery

It's time once again to make New Year's Resolutions that won't be kept.  Just kidding!  Hopefully not. 
I'm actually going to make some this year, which include going to the gym at school 2 times a week, for at least 45 minutes.  Hmm, we'll see how that goes.

Anyways, this month I've been home, I have been frequenting 85°C Bakery quite..frequently.  I think I might have an 85°C fever!

The first time I tried taking pics, I got the "Excuse me.  No photography allowed."  WHYY???
But no worries.  I just came back other times, and I guess the workers were nicer/more lenient, or I was just more sneaky.  hehe

Bread Galore!

Ahh, I love walking in and seeing shelves and shelves of bread!  And it smells lovely too!  They are constantly bringing out trays of fresh bread, and they literally call out, "Fresh Bread!"  It gets really crowded and people tend to be quite pushy, but their bread still lures me in all the time.

Matcha Green Tea Roll with Red Bean

The cake was pretty good.  It seemed a little too wet, but that might have been because it was in the fridge for 2 days before I ate it.  You can actually taste the matcha green tea, and it was a classic combination with the red beans.

Giant Brioche

Oh man, a giant soccer ball of yumminess!  Although it looks really big, it's actually really light and fluffy, so it can easily be eaten as one serving for bread-lovers.  The flavor is very rich and sweet, yet still light, so you won't get sick of it.  The top is crumbly, while the inside is fluffy and chewy, but the taste is the same throughout.  It's so simple, yet so good.

Danish Pineapple Bun

Your classic Danish pineapple bun.  There's actually no pineapple in it at all, so the name is deceiving!  I think it's supposed to look like a pineapple on the outside with the checkered pattern, but it just kinda looks like a bun..haha.

The inside is filled with a buttermilk paste, which is basically sweet dry paste with a slight tang.  They also have ones without filling if you want.  The bread part is actually like a croissant, and the outer crust has a sweet taste similar to that of the brioche.

The thing in the back is the multigrain bread with raisins, which I love to get because I am an old woman at heart.  It doesn't look very pretty, but it's a good supporting actress for the pineapple bun...

Red Bean Bun

Another classic!  Nothing too special, but still yummy.

Marbled Taro Bread

This is my favorite bread at 85°C!  I swear, people attack these once they come out.  When a worker comes out carrying a full tray, it doesn't even make it to the shelf since everyone snatches it all away!  Crazy!  And today, I saw a woman buy more than a dozen of these...
But man, they're just so good.  I always make sure I get a few, since I finish these like psycho.
See the flakes on the outside?  Now look inside!

 Marbled Taro Bread innards, slightly smushed

It's flaky on the outside and super chewy on the inside, so it is like HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH.  It also has bits of taro in the paste, which gives it even more taro flavor.  There's even taro swirled into the outside of the bread!

Eaten by Cathy.

85°C Bakery and Cafe
17170 Colima Road, #A
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 
(626) 839-7885


Anonymous said...

Love your posts! was immediately salivating after seeing the picture of the salted egg custard bun you posted.
- fellow foodie