December 25, 2011

The Best Sandwiches + French Macarons

Merry Christmas!  I wish for you all plenty of happiness and many presents (that you actually like).  And also lots and lots of food!  Just piles of delicious food that never stop coming your way!
My family and I decided to keep it simple for our Christmas Eve dinner. We went out to buy Bánh mì from the Best Sandwiches and they truly do have the best sandwiches!  The French bread that they use is always warm and crispy.  And have this sauce they spread the bread with makes everything scrumptious!

They have a selection of Bánh mì, pho, and freshly-made drinks

#6 Egg Sandwich


People (like Cathy) always give me weird looks for not getting the bánh mì with meat but I only order egg because it's the BEST!  I ate a whole foot of egg goodness by myself...

Box of Cocola Bakery French Macarons

Yesterday, while I was shopping for my Holiday menu at Costco, I stumbled upon a box of Cocola Bakery French Macarons.  I've been craving French macarons for months now!  I've even dreamed about French Macarons (specifically a yellow macaron) and made them my wallpaper on my laptop so I can stare at them everyday. The closest bakery to me that makes French Macarons fresh is about a forty minute drive away and I have yet had the time to make the trip there!  But when I do, I can ensure you there will be a macaron shopping spree.

Desperate cravings call for desperate measures.

So I bought the box.


Agh, I know! You don't have to tell me.  French Macarons in box, from the refrigerator section, bought from Costco,  can't be that wonderful...but I EVEN SAW MACARONS IN MY DREAM.  And at that moment they were right there in front of me!  Literally a dream come true...well, for the most part.  The box didn't contain a yellow macaron...

In any case, my family and I ate the whole box for dessert and it was...well...what you get for macarons from the fridge.  Most were a too hard and I felt there wasn't enough filling.  It wasn't terrible but I don't think I'd ever buy it again.  There was four flavors: coffee, pistachio, raspberry, and chocolate. 

A bite out of the Pistachio French Macaron

Eaten by Jocelyn.

Best Sandwiches
1631 E Capitol Expy
Ste 106
San Jose, CA 95121 
(408) 223-2022