About the two of us


Who are you?

We are Jocelyn Chan and Cathy Tan.  We are food enthusiasts and college students who currently attend University of the Pacific located in California.  

The two us met at the beginning of college and we just clicked!  We found our passion for good food mid-freshman year when we were stuck eating school cafeteria food.  Many people we know view eating as something you have to do but we like to think of eating as a hobby of ours.  Not saying that we binge all the time, but more like we savor everything we eat.  We will never get tired of trying new foods.

In fact, we made a trip to New York to experience a new world of food, which were some of the greatest weeks.  We would travel all over the world to eat and blog if we weren't poor college students.  Hey!  We could trade in some of our textbooks for plane tickets.  (haha)

We're currently dorm roommates apartment-mates and sleep at an arm's length away from each other (on separate beds).

Cathy is originally from Southern California and Jocelyn is from Northern California so we have a mix of eating locations, in addition to our eating trip to New York and Cathy's trip to Taiwan!

Who writes Foodish Fetish?

The two us, Jocelyn and Cathy, co-write the blog.  And at the end of each blog entry, we indicate which of us ate the food.  And sometimes, we dine together and those are the best meals!

Cathy doesn't like sidewalks.Jocelyn doesn't like alcohol.

If you could have a dog, what kind of dog would it be?

Jocelyn would like a Shiba Inu.  She loves their pointy ears, curly tail, and their good posture!

Cathy would like a Corgi.  She loves their short legs, big round eyes, and pointy ears!

Got contact info?

When you're super hungry from reading, let us know!  We know how you feel (haha)

Email us at: jocathlyn@gmail.com