December 6, 2012

Ringer Hut for Nagasaki Champon

First, a little preview to get your mouths watering:

Spicy Nagasaki Champon
Spicy Nagasaki Champon

Green Tea Heaven
Green Tea Heaven

Yeah, yeah?  Looking good?

It was actually a friend of mine that introduced me to Ringer Hut.  Anyways, as we were driving into the parking lot I was kinda unsure what she dragged me into.  To be honest, the outside appearance of Ringer Hut is a bit iffy, kind of like a hardware store?  I actually missed it and had to make a U-turn.

Ringer Hut

But the interior was actually quite nice!  Small but clean and cozy.  Even had dim lighting  Getting the romance on with my girlfriends (harhar)

Ringer Hut is a Japanese noodle house "using the finest quality flour milled in Japan for [their] noodles".  Their specialty is the Nagasaki Champon which is uses a type of ramen noodle cooked with pork, shrimp, fishcake and vegetables.

Nagasaki Champon
Nagasaki Champon

They have three sizes of bowls that you can choose from and I decided to stick with the regular bowl.  AND IT'S HUGE!  It's definitely finish-able if you go for it but you're pretty stuffed by the end.

The soup or broth was thin but creamy and flavorful but not too salty.  I was tempted to lift the bowl to my mouth and just chug it all down.  This stuff was pretty tasty, my bowl was nearly empty when I was finished.

A slurp of Nagasaki Champon
A slurp of the Nagasaki Champon

If Mr. Udon and Mrs. Ramen had a baby, he would look just like Ringer Hut's noodles.  Not quite as fat as Daddy, but not as thin as mommy.

Yakimeshi Fried Rice
Yakimeshi fried rice

For a buck and 25 cents more, you can get the Lunch A combo that comes with a regular bowl of Champon and also a half yakimeshi (fried rice).  It was good fried rice but just good.  I would say, if you had room for rice, you're better off just ordering a large Nagasaki champon.  So much yummier!

Spicy Nagasaki Champon
Spicy Nagasaki Champon

When it comes to spicy, I'm a wuss.  I'm always scared the food will get so painful that I can't finish it! ...And that would be I wasn't the one who actually ordered the Spicy Nagasaki Champon.  But I did try a few spoons and it wasn't actually all that bad.  It kind of tasted like that just added some chili oil to it.  My friend was all red in the face when she was finished haha

Again, we were stuffed but a meal isn't a meal without dessert.  And their dessert menu was so pretty, I couldn't resist!  They had an assortment of crepes, ice creams, parfaits, and mochi 

Green Tea Heaven
Green Tea Heaven

Who doesn't love green tea desserts?  Once I set eyes on the Green Tea Heaven, I knew it had to be in my tummy.  The parfait had a great presentation with all of its wonderful layers.  

Layered from top to bottom: whipped cream, sweet red bean paste, whipped cream again, green tea mousse, cornflakes, sencha sauce, and green tea mouse once more. 

The mousse was fabulous!  It was fluffy and you could actually taste green tea.  But I thought the cornflakes were a bit out a place.  It did add an interesting crunch texture to each bite but there was just too much of it.  I mean, they're corn flakes! Eating cereal with mousse?

Warabimochi with Black Sesame Ice Cream
Warabimochi with a scoop of black sesame ice cream

I wiki-ed warabimochi and evidently, the mochi is dusted with sweet toasted soybean powder.  I always thought it was peanut powder!  Kind of looks like it, doesn't it?

Warabimochi with Black Sesame Ice Cream 2

I hadn't been so full since New York!  But this was the type of hearty meal that has you lean back in your chair and pat your big tummy.

Ringer Hut
1072 Saratoga Avenue  
San Jose, CA 95129

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