November 22, 2012

How to Make Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I like to think of the holidays as a license to stuff yourself crazy.  "I shouldn't be eating my sixth slice of pie but...oh heck!  Thanksgiving is only once a year, might as well finish the pie."  Yeah...that's me.

Highlight of Thanksgiving dinner: the big juicy (or, if unfortunate, dry) turkey.  And you know what's also awesome?  TURKEY BACON!  I'm so addicted to this stuff, I could probably eat in place of the real turkey (imagine if you brought out a tray of bacon instead of a turkey harhar).  It's got all the good fatty taste that normal pork bacon has but with turkey flavor and 60% less fat!  That right there, is winning.  Less fat in each piece means you could eat more of it.  BOOYAH! 

And with these strips of gold you can make...

bacon cinnamon roll 1
Bacon cinnamon roll

...the King of Breakfast: best of the savory and the sweet.   And you could even use this as a side dish to your real turkey!  Of course you could use whatever bacon you'd like but I'm telling you, turkey bacon is MMM!

Making it is super easy

You'll need:
  • Pilsbury Cinnabon Cream Cheese Rolls
  • 8 strips of bacon

Pilsbury Cream Cheese Cinnabon

Jennie O Turkey Bacon
Turkey bacon...mmm...

Pilsbury Cream Cheese Cinnabon
What's in the can: the rolls and cream cheese frosting

How to make bacon cinnamon rolls

  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. Unroll each piece and just place a strip of bacon on to it.  Roll it back up.  By sticking the raw bacon right in there to bake with the roll, all the good bacon fat gets soaked up in the bread!
  3. Bake for 10-15 minutes.

And then BAM! 

Bacon cinnamon rolls 2

How mouthwatering is that?  I'm writing this post two in morning right now and I'm starving!  My tummy's making all these crazy noises.

Bacon cinnamon rolls

And for the final touch...

4. Drizzle on the cream cheese frosting.

Bacon cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting

I always loved pairing savory with sweet!  And for some reason, breakfast items are the best.  Breakfast sausage dipped in maple syrup = heaven!!(On the other hand, Cathy thinks they go horrible together.  She doesn't know the good stuff!)

Bacon cinnamon roll 2

Eating this in the morning makes waking up so much easier!  I should make this a Monday ritual


Anonymous said...

I made these before but from scratch.The savory/sweet combination was delicious! These seem a lot easier to make, I'm going to give them a try!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow this is so creative! I don't think any normal person would ever come up with this! Wonder what it tastes like!?