November 26, 2012

Afternoon snacks at TMSK


I did super tourist-y stuff while I was at Taiwan, and one of them was to visit art museums.  There was an art exhibit next door, so afterwards, we stopped by TMSK for some fuel to keep us going (art exhibits can be quite tiring!)  But once we got to TMSK, we realized that the art exhibits wouldn't end.  TMSK shares the building with Liu Li Gong Fan, which is another collection of art... but that explains why TMSK has such awesome decorations.


Indoor decor

Walking into the dining area was an art exhibit in itself. The neon blue lights were all throughout the room, even on the floors!  And they had all sorts of figurines, from tiny ones to life size birds.  Plus, the bench-style seating arrangements had an outdoors-y feel...kind of reminded me of PUBLIC in New York, but much more decked out.

Racks of wine
Rows of wine

Afternoon Tea
Pound cake served with 3 types of cookies

Afternoon Tea
Cranberry scone served with three types of cookies

I was a little disappointed by the afternoon snack sets here.  They only had 2 options: pound cake or cranberry scone.  The honey pound cake was very soft and moist, but it had a very faint honey sweetness.  I liked the cranberry scone much better.  It was served warm and fluffy, and it was so soft, almost like a sponge cake!

The cookies were quite delicious as well.  They were the buttery kind with the rich, crumbly texture, and it just went perfectly with a nice, ice-cold glass of .... 

Green Tea

... BEER!
Just kidding, this is just green tea.

Art figurines

They have tables and tables of figurines all throughout the dining area that you can look at!  But don't worry, it's not like you're in a museum and you can't step over the line.  It's a very casual setting, and at nights, they even have bands playing live music!  Sadly I didn't get to meet any celebrities when I went, but apparently some pretty big pop stars played there before.

But the best part about TMSK is not the art, or the music.....

It's ..... THE BATHROOM!!!

Trippy bathroom

Wooooo, it was like going into a club on ecstasy!  All the walls were reflective mirrors so there were like 837103543 images of myself and the toilet.  (Perfect place if you want to camwhore...your face is on the walls 360° haha.)  There were so many people taking pictures in the common area, probably because it's the trippiest bathroom you'll ever walk into.  Makes all other bathrooms seem like prisons...ONE MIRROR AIN'T GOOD ENOUGH NOW!

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