August 6, 2013

Spicy Kimchi

Banchan side dishes

Banchan side dishes

Ah, banchan, one of the reasons why I love Korean food!  At spicy kimchi, they usually only give 4 side dishes, but they switch it up everytime.  I wish they gave more, but their prices for the main dishes are generally cheaper than other Korean restaurants in the area.  My favorite side dishes are the beansprouts, fish cake, and cucumbers!  They're all pretty yummy, so I always get refills hehe.

Green Onion Pancake
Leek pancake

This is one of my favorite dishes because I LOVE ONIONS AND LEEKS and anything in that family.  I have a friend that doesn't like onions, and it's like YAY more for me!  So this is a perfect appetizer for y'all onion lovers.

Shrimp Noodle
Shrimp noodles

Knife Cut Noodles
Knife cut anchovy noodles

Their noodle soups are all strong.  They have a deep seafood soup base that is pretty addicting.  Plus, they use hand-made knife-noodles, which are thicker and more chewy.  

Udon Noodles
Udon noodles

Japche glass noodles

Yayy this is one of my other favorite dishes here.  There's just so much STUFF with the glass noodles— spinach, mushrooms, carrots, onions... you name it!  Every bite is like a party in your mouth and everyone is invited. 

Kimchi Fried Rice
Kimchi fried rice

OHOHO I am getting hungry just writing this post, and I just ate lunch haha.  The kimchi fried rice is another great dish.  The fried rice itself is perfect with the kimchi — not too spicy and not too sour.  (And not watery, which is how it turns out when I make it at home.)  It's topped with a grilled egg....and you know the best part.......poking that yolk and watching it ooze out all over your rice.  And then eating the rice, of course. 

Bulgogi Rice Bowl
Bulgogi rice bowl

If you're low on budget, you can get a pretty large size bulgogi bowl for just 4 bucks!!  The bulgogi itself is very tender so it's easy to eat, and the sauce is slightly sweet.  And just look at all those onions.  


Labokgi is pretty much deokbokki (rice cakes) with ramen.  I usually like to add ramen with my deokbokki, just so I can have more texture in the dish, and also because my jaw gets kinda sore chewing all that deokbokki! Haha.

This time, I gathered up all my courage and ordered medium spicy.  Why?  I don't even know, but I regretted it as soon as the dish came out.  Just look at how red it is!  It was like 90% spicy, 10%.  After 2 bites, I was already dying as if I had just watched Titanic.  But then again, I have super low spicy tolerance. Any one else that just can't handle spicy but really wants to??

Anyway, this is my favorite place to go to for Korean food.  It's a family-owned business, and they are all super friendly!  And they play Kpop MV's, which is always entertaining 

Spicy Kimchi
1381 S Diamond Bar Blvd 
Diamond Bar, CA 91765 
(909) 396-9968