December 17, 2012


I've eaten my share of mochi, from the usual red bean or mung bean filled to fruit filled mochi.  But like this?

Green Tea (Ujikintoki) Mochi Cream innards
Green Tea (Ujikintoki) mochi cream

The cream in MOCHICREAM's mochi are light and unique!  It's like they pulled pieces of fluffy cloud and injected it into the mochi...mmm...


The MOCHICREAM I went to is located actually inside the Mitsuwa Marketplace.  I actually came to the market for mochi, not for groceries haha

Mochi Cream

These pretty mochi are actually just for display.  When you're ready to order, you fill out a slip of paper marking which flavors you'd like and they pull out the mochi from the back.

They have so many flavors and I had the hardest time choosing.  They're also a bit pricey and range anywhere from $1.80-$2.30 a pop, which is too bad because I WAS GOING TO BUY THE ALL OF THEM MUAHAHAHA

Mochi Cream Mochidos
Mochi "Donuts"

MOCHICREAM just came out with their mochi donuts!  How freaking awesome is that?  It's like the best of the western world and eastern world come together and have a baby.  Yay! 

They're pretty much just mochi but in a circular form.  And if you were wondering, they're filled all the way around!

Box of Mochi Cream

Box of Mochi Cream

I ended ordering 11 mochi: 9 normal and 2 donuts.  At first, my list was at 5 mochi but the longer I stared at the gorgeous display (*star eyes*), my list mysteriously became longer and longer.

Mochi Cream all prettily packaged
All prettily hand packaged!

Raspberry Mille-feuille Mochi Cream

And from here on, it's a mochi fashion show.  Except I cut open each model.  And eat them (MUHAHAHA)

Cafe Au Lait Mochi Cream
Café au lait French coffee

Cafe Au Lait Mochi Cream innards
Café au lait innards

This was the first one I ate and OMG!  It was like a party in my mouth!  While the coffee filling was dense, the cream perfectly balanced it out with its fluffiness.  It tasted like a cup of latte with the perfect dopple of foam.

Strawberry Short Cake Donut Mochi Cream
Strawberry Short Cake Donut

Strawberry Short Cake Donut Mochi Cream innards
Strawberry Short Cake Donut innards

This one was so pretty with its baby pink dough the specks on top.  But because the outside was not dusted in flour (which is unusual), the mochi was sticky and I kind of had a hard time prying it out of the bag while trying to keep its perfect donut form.

I was surprised when I cut it open, it was mousse filled!  The strawberry mousse was light and fantastic.  It also had real strawberry pieces in it.  

Green Tea (Ujikintoki) Mochi Cream

Green Tea (Ujikintoki) Mochi Cream innards
Green Tea (Ujikintoki) innards

Green tea is a very popular flavor for Asian desserts and I feel that everywhere I go, there is bound to be something green tea.  But nonetheless, I like to purchase all the green tea stuff because it's straight-out delicious and I like comparing them (haha).

The green tea taste in this mochi was very strong and pungent.  The specks of red bean were also a nice touch.  While the Strawberry Short Cake Donut wasn't dusted with anything at all, this mochi was exccessively rolled in matcha powder.  It definitely helped kick the green tea flavor up a notch, but it also made it a bit bitter.  

And my lips were all green by the time I was finished.  Green lips are the new sexy

Sakura Mochi Cream
Sakura cherry blossom

Sakura Mochi Cream innards
Sakura innards

Sakura was super interesting because I was wondering how cherry blossoms tasted.  Hmm, never ate a flower before.  But the strange thing is, the mochi did taste floral!  Delicious and AMAZING!  The flavor is hard to explain, it also had a cinnamon-y taste?   Could kind of compared to Ladurée's Rose Macaron.  Next spring, I'm going to walk up to a cherry tree and eat the flowers. 

Darjeeling Mochi Cream
Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling Mochi Cream innards
Darjeeling innards

I think the tea and coffee flavored mochi are delicious because they really do taste like the drink with cream but all rolled up in a little package!  The Darjeeling was just as great.  It was like a sweet tea with added milk and sugar.  Tea time!

Honey Cranberry Mochi Cream
Honey Cranberry

Honey Cranberry Mochi Cream innards
Honey Cranberry

The tangy raspberry filling wonderfully contrasted the sweet cream and honey bits.

Raspberry Mille-feuille Mochi Cream
Raspberry Mille-feuille

Raspberry Mille-feuille Mochi Cream innards
Raspberry Mille-feuille innards

Instead of cream or mousse, this mochi was filled with a thick custard.  MOCHICREAM is really packed with surprises!  

Life MOCHICREAM is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

Anyways, this mochi was the most unique one out of the batch.  Along with custard , there were raspberry pieces and little crunchy bits (which I couldn't make out what it was, actual mille-feuille?  It kind of tasted like Captain Crunch Cereal haha).

I finished this box of mochi all on my own.  I didn't share with anyone else and was slapping mochi out of peoples' hands.  DON'T TOUCH MY MOCHI!  (okay, not really but...)  

I couldn't finish them all in one day so I kept the rest of the mochi in the refrigerator.  The employee said they can last an extra day in the fridge.  The texture of the dough was still the same, chewy and delicious!

Anyways, part two:

Houji Tea Mochi Cream
Houji Tea

Houji Tea Mochi Cream innards
Houji Tea innards

This one was alright, had the least "YAY!" out of all of them...It lacked tea flavor and actually tasted a bit like sweet red bean.

Sweet Potato Mochi Cream
Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Mochi Cream innards
Sweet Potato innards

This one tasted like a sweet potato, with a lighter texture, rolled in mochi dough. YUMMY!  The cream added a nice touch to it.  Maybe next time we bake sweet potato at home, I'll top it with some whipped cream.

Double Mango Mochi Cream
Double Mango

Double Mango Mochi Cream innards
Double Mango innards

Mango mousse + mango pieces = WIN.  The Double Mango might just be my favorite!  The whole mochi was just fluffy all the way through and the mango flavor is right on the dot. 

Choco Banana Donut Mochi Cream
Choco Banana Donut mochi cream

Choco Banana Donut Mochi Cream innards
Choco Banana Donut innards

I wanted to save the best for last because who doesn't like chocolate and banana?  And it didn't dissapoint.  I love fake banana flavoring so this was heaven!  (Fake) banana flavored filling with chocolate mousse and the mochi was dipped in milk chocolate giving it a hard chocolate shell on the bottom.  The hard, chewy, fluffy texture of the whole mochi was amazing.

My goal is to try all the MOCHICREAM flavors!  They're just so good and who knows what I'm missing out on if I don't have them all.  They have 24 flavors for the normal mochi and 5 for the donut mochi.  So I still have...18 more to go!  I predict, in the near future there will be a MOCHICREAM Part 2 

Mitsuwa Marketplace
675 Saratoga Ave

San Jose, CA 95129

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Unknown said...

These are so fun and sound delightfully delicious!

Dumpling Love said...

OMGOODNESS!!! These look and sound SO GOOD! Such a bad idea for me to read it now ><! haha. Reminds me of the mochi ice-cream I used to eat so much of when I was younger.

pear said...

wow, do you know what those fillings were made of?!
they look so thick and awesome!!