November 4, 2012

Ladurée French Macarons

Our very last New York post...  Writing these New York food posts every week gives us an opportunity to revisit NY and now it's going to end...

But at least we saved the best for last!  FRENCH MACARONS!

French Macarons 

This was literally the last place we went to in New York, right before we got on the plane.  We wanted to take some fresh French macarons back with us to California!


At Ladurée, people are usually lined up out the door but we were super lucky!  It was still pretty packed inside, but manageable.  To be honest, we would have been willing to wait for hours (but then again, we would have missed our flight harhar).

French Macaron Trees

HOHO they had giant French macaron towers (trees?).And they're right behind the store window so people are drooling while they're walking down the street.


Assortment of French Macarons

The French macarons were laid out so nicely and so many colors! There were 16 wonderful flavors ranging from fruity, nutty, and floral.  

French macaron flavors

The floral ones were the most interesting.  Exactly how do you how do you get a cherry blossom into a form of cookie?  They also had the most intense flavors!  The rose tasted just like a rose but we've never actually, you know, eaten a rose. 

Box of French Macarons

When it was our time to order, we had hardest time deciding on flavors.  They all looked so good but there we so many!  And you couldn't really see what flavors they had until you were right in front of the display with the employee waiting on your order.  So...what to do?  Don't make any choices and just GET THEM ALL and no regrets!  We splurged like crazy but it was our last day so what the heck! 

Box of French Macarons

Sigh...aren't they beautiful?  Their boxes only hold up to 15 macarons and they have 16 flavors, so the extra one not in the photo was in a little, brown baggie, sad and lonely all by itself.

French Macarons

Rose French Macaron
Rose French Macaron

Hands down, best French macarons we've ever had.  Flavors were pungent, perfectly crispy shell, and just the right amount filling.

And if you ever end up at Ladurée, just whip out all your cash and get ALL the flavors!  They're all so unique from one another and all delicious.  You'd be missing out if you didn't try all 16 flavors.

864 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021

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Fern @ To Food With Love said...

Pretty macarons...and I just realised there's a Laduree in Sydney too! After reading your post, I might just drop by for some french macarons :)