November 12, 2012

Let's get nostalgic about New York

Sophomore year of college, all of a sudden the two us were addicted to good food and we started this food blog.  Then we started looking at other people's food blogs and we ran into The Wandering Eater and her fabulous blog.  The food in New York looked so much better than the food we were eating on school campus.  We couldn't tear out eyes away from her photos and practically looked them everyday.  We even set her photos as our desktop wallpaper. (Haha, looking back we sound crazy.)

And then one night, we were laughing and joking around.  "What if we went to New York?"  And then a few days later, we thought, "Why not go?  Nothing is holding us back!  We should go while we're young and have a fast metabolism."

And BOOYAH!  A few months later, after much planning and money saving, we hopped onto a plane to New York to eat our hearts out!

This is our last post for New York but it pretty much summarizes our whole trip in New York.  All of our favorite moments in photos.

Chicago airport
A stop in Chicago Airport

First thing we saw when we stepped off the plane!

First taxi ride

The Carlton Arms Hotel: Our home base


How do we lock our hotel room?  Old school padlock baby!
How do we lock our hotel room?  Old school padlock baby!

Bedroom is painted 360 degrees
Our room was painted 360°

...even the counters are painted




Pubic hair woman on top of our mirror
Pubic hair woman on top of our mirror


Stairwell, no elevators

Third floor hallway
Third floor.  Check out the bathroom sign (harhar)

Third floor bathroom
Third floor bathroom walls

Our hardcore planning on display

Stepping out

First meal


Warming up

20 layer cake
That's 20 layers


Jocelyn and car
1st attempt: Jocelyn and car

Take 2
2nd attempt: fail

Take 3...YAY!
3rd attempt: YAY!

Bethesda Fountain
Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

Central Park

Kitty cats

Can you find Cathy?
Can you spot Cathy?

Trump Tower
Trump Tower

Ice rink at Rockefeller
Ice rink at the Rockefeller Center


Can you find us?
Can you spot us?

Times Square

Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Broadway: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Going up to the Top of the Rock
Going up to the Top of the Rock


Empire State of mind
Empire State of mind


Top of the Rock

Creepy Ronald McDonald up on the second floor watching your every move
Creepy Ronald McDonald

Grand Central Train Station
Grand Central Train Station

Second taxi ride


Banh Mi snack

Top Shop

SOHO New York

Coin size red velvet cupcake

Washington Arch
Washington Arch

Still House

Pylos Greek Restaurant
Pylos Greek Restaurant

Lafayette Street

Mr. Krabs
We walked so much, Jocelyn got a callus...say hi to Mr. Krabs!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Our best meal in New York

The different types of people who ride the subway
The different people who ride the subway

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was quite tiring

Brooklyn Heights

Apple Cobbler Cupcake


Manhattan Bridge

Sitting under the Manhattan Bridge
Sitting under the Manhattan Bridge

It was 4°C
It was 4°C and we were still out walking

Dip your card!
Dip your card!

Eataly New York

The best dessert ever. EVER.
The best dessert ever.  EVER.

Last supper in New York
The last supper

Love from New York to California
Sending love from New York to California

Banana & Peanut Butter Square Yeast Doughnut

Ending with a BANG!
Ending with a BANG!

Last taxi ride

Crippling bag
Crippled bag.  It was SO heavy!  (We didn't take the wheelchair.  That's be horrible.  We just placed it there a few seconds to relieve our shoulders.)

New York souvenirs