December 27, 2012

Salut for Afternoon Tea

One of the perks of being a woman is being able to enjoy pretty things  tutus, polka dots, pink bows, and... afternoon tea!  I've actually never had afternoon tea before, so I was super excited to try it.  Girls day out with my mother and aunt! 

Afternoon tea

I wish I could bring my imaginary boyfriend here too, but can you imagine a hot 20 year-old man eating that cookie daintily, pinky up? HAHA sadly it's true though...there was not a single guy in sight!


Tea Menu
Tea Menu 3

First off, you each get your choice of tea!  The menu had pages and pages of different types of tea.  I'm quite the tea fanatic, but I didn't know 98% of these teas.  And it didn't help that all the descriptions were written in Chinese (and I am pretty much Chinese illiterate).  So I asked my aunt for a recommendation since she had been here before, and decided on the Assam Black tea.

Assam, Butterscotch, and 1954 Tea
Assam, Butterscotch, and 1854 Tea

We also ordered a Butterscotch tea and a 1854 tea.  And they come with pretty tags so you know which tea pot is which!

Teapot and Teacup

All the teas tasted super clean and refined, and had really strong flavors.  The butterscotch tea was the most special to me.  It had strong caramel notes, making it quite sweet...almost like a milk tea!

Everyone gets their own tea set too, and OMG they were all so pretty.  Really inspired me to go buy some tea sets for home.  Sadly, I'm so lazy, so that never happened 

Butterscotch Tea with cover

Buterscotch Tea

Peekaboo!  Teapot, I see you!

Anyway, Salut provides each teapot with a cover so that your tea stays warm.  So nice and fancy, and it actually worked!  My tea was hot until the very last sip

Side note: I visited Salut in June, hence the June teacup.

Pretty sugar packets

I didn't add sugar to my tea, but hehe, these packets were just so cute with the roses and tulips and polka dot tablecloth.

Afternoon tea
Afternoon tea for two

OHOHO 3 tiers of yummy, pretty goodness!  Top tier - cakes.  Middle tier - sweets.  Bottom tier - sandwiches.

Start from the bottom and eat your way up 

Finger Sandwiches
Finger Sandwiches tomato bruschetta, egg salad sandwich, seafood quiche

The tomato bruschetta (left) was a slice of toasted bruschetta bread, topped with pesto spread and fresh garden tomatoes.  The bread was a little hard for my taste, but as a tomato and pesto lover, it was still might delicious.

The egg salad sandwich (middle) was so yummy, and that's from someone who usually doesn't eat egg salad!  The bread was nicely toasted using a waffle maker, creating a nice geometric design.  I was a bit hesitant to eat this sandwich since I don't like mayo, but luckily it was not too creamy.  There were also lettuce, tomato, and zucchini, which provided a nice texture contrast to the egg salad.

The seafood quiche (right) was my favorite.  It was so light that when I picked it up, I did a double take.  It was super crispy, and the layers were so fun to bite through!

Pastries and sweets
Pastries and sweets madeleine cake, chocolate chip cookie, fruit tart

After eating all those lovely sandwiches in the previous tier, I had super high expectations of these sweets.  Sadly, I was kind of disappointed.  They were all good, but nothing spectacular.  The madeleine cake (left) was a bit dense and dry.

The chocolate chip cookie (middle) was my favorite in this tier  so rich and buttery!  I wished it was bigger though...literally 3 bites!

The fruit tart (right) was also pretty good, but I mean, I've never had a bad fruit tart before.  

Green Tea and Red Bean Cake
Green Tea and Red Bean Cake 

What's more Asian than green tea and red bean?  A green tea and red bean cake!

I decided to stay in touch with my inner Asian self and chose this green tea and red bean cake.  It was a vanilla sponge cake layered with green tea mousse, with chunks of red bean throughout.  The cake itself was a bit on the dry side, but the green tea mousse was so divine!  It had a refreshing matcha green tea flavor.  Add some red beans, and ah...a match made in Asian heaven 

Chocolate Orange Cake
Orange Chocolate Cake

Salut sure knows how to put flavors together.  Next up, orange chocolate cake!  

Personally, I LOVE orange and chocolate together.  One time, my brother and I went on an orange and chocolate craze.  Everytime we ate a Clementine, we would eat a piece of chocolate with it.  (SO GOOD, y'all should try it.)  We did this so many times, the next time I ate a Clementine, I started salivating... for some... chocolate HAHA.  Well played, chocolate fiend.  

Afternoon tea
Afternoon tea for one

Finger Sandwiches
Finger Sandwiches tomato bruschetta, egg salad sandwich, seafood quiche

Damn, look at that egg salad sandwich!  Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't want to take a bite!

Pastries and sweets
Pastries and sweets madeleine cake, chocolate chip cookie, fruit tart

Walnut Brownie

The brownie was moist and rich, and was packed with cocoa flavor.  One bite made you want more, and more, and more!  Hopefully they never ban chocolate for its addictive properties.

Jars of tea leaves
Jars of tea leaves

As you make your way to the end of the rainbow, you'll find pots of...tea leaves! 

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