December 31, 2012

Sizzling Stone: Build your own bibimbap

Welcome to Chipotle, Korean-style

Sizzling Stone interior

But instead of building your own burrito today, you'll be building your own Bibimbap!

Build your own Bibimbap

For those who are fresh and new to Korean food, Bibimbap is a bowl of rice topped with a variety of vegetables, meat, and an egg mixed with sesame oil.  It is usually served in a hot stone bowl with red chili paste you can mix in yourself.  You can add as much as you want depending on how spicy and flavorful you want it. 

Here you get to customize what goes into your bowl!

All types of rice to choose from

There's three types of rice to choose from: wild black rice, brown rice, and jasmin rice.  You can also add in japchae noodles for no extra charge

Vegetable selection

Then you choose your vegetables and meat.  They also have cheese, which I thought would be a strange combination.  Hmm...rice, kimchee, and cheese?

Cooking the Bibimbap

...and they cook it for you!  Sigh, it's quite a beautiful sight seeing so many bowls cooked at the same time.  You can also add a pan fried egg for an extra 99 cents.  I was feeling Asian that day and cheap so I opted out haha


And they do self-serve style for the sauces.  

From front to back: Thai Curry, Original Spicy, Teriyaki, Spicy Sweet Curry.

The sauces...actually tasted kind of strange.  Other than the Original Spicy which is pretty much the usual red chili paste but much sweeter, I'm not too fond of the others.  They're all, fruity?  Especially the teriyaki sauce which has a slight apple taste and that's the only sauce that isn't spicy.  I think they need to improve/expand on their sauce choices since so much of this dish relies on it!

Tofu Bibimbap
Tofu Bibimbap

Although the Bibimbap is cooked in a stone bowl and comes out piping hot, the rice doesn't burn on the bottom  Usually, there's a thin crispy layer of rice at the bottom and it's so yummy! 

Kimchee side dish

They also have some self-served kimchee for a side dish.  It tastes very pickled and not very spicy so I'm not sure what to make of it.  Kimchee?  Pickled cabbage?  Although it was really refreshing when I was heaving in and out from eating my spicy bibimbap.

Chicken Bibimbap
Chicken Bibimbap

I asked for more kimchee and OMG bad choice.  IT WAS SO SPICY ,yummy but spicy, and my spicy tolerance is, well, practically zero.  With the Original Spicy sauce, I breathing in and out like I just ran the mile.


Looks so pretty all mixed!  It's quite a big bowl and I saved half of it for the next day's lunch.  About $6-7 for a bowl so it's not too bad.  And if you're feeling poor, you can even split one with you friend.

A bite of the Bibimbap

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Dumpling Love said...

That's a really cool concept! Wish we had something like that in Perth, though also good thing we don't otherwise I'd have a bibimbap belly! haha.