January 3, 2013

NY Bagels Café

NY Bagel Cafe

I would love to revisit New York any day, so I took the opportunity while I was here in Taiwan to visit NY... Bagels Café.  Funny how I didn't go here when Jocelyn and I were actually in New York, but hey, I got a taste of New York halfway across the world!

NY Bagel lights

The interior of the cafe was very modern, and it felt just like being in New York!  As you walked up the stairs, there were lights on the ceiling!  Good thing we sat close to the staircase, or else I would have missed it.  The lights brought me back to Broadway and New York...ah, good memories.  

If you ever need a getaway from all the Asian-ness in Taiwan (if that is even possible!), this would be the place to go. 

Roasted Chicken Bagel Sandwich with Fries
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Fries

Ohoho, fries!  Taiwanese snacks are usually like buns, pork rice, potstickers... pretty much mini-meals.  I haven't had fries for such a long time so these tasted like heaven!  They were almost like Cajun fries, but a tad bit sweeter. The fries were served piping hot, but they were just so irresistible.  You know how sometimes you burn your tongue, but you can't stop shoving just one more fry into your mouth?  And pretty soon they're all gone?  Yup.

Roasted Chicken Bagel
Grilled Chicken Sandwich innards

Roasted Chicken Bagel innards

The sandwich was mighty hearty, yet still very clean.  The grilled chicken was a bit dry, but the cheese and tomato added some balance. The Swiss cheese was so melty that when you took a bite, you had a long string of cheese hanging on for its life (just like eating super cheesy pizza haha.)  It was kind of annoying to eat, but it's so satisfying when you just cut that string of cheese off!  

Bagel sandwich

Since the name of the café is NY Bagels Café , I had high expectations of the bagel.  And yes indeed, the bagel was the best part of the sandwich!  Their bagels had a slightly chewier texture, but it was perfectly toasted so that you could easily bite into the sandwich.  And the sesames on top added a nice kick to the grilled chicken!  Plus, eating a bagel always makes you feel a little more healthy...at least for me haha 

Salad with prosciutto, poached egg, and blue cheese

If you want a totally healthy alternative, they have salads as well!  Although it's not NY Salad Café, I heard that the salad was mighty fresh and once again, the blue cheese added a nice touch.

Brunch scrambled eggs with mushrooms; baked potato; sesame bagel

NY Bagel Cafe

Cute cups, yummy food, fun company, good life!  I don't know why I'm being so philosophical/optimistic, but hey, cheers to the start of a new year! 

NY Bagels Cafe
No. 122, Xin Yi Rd, Sec. 5
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 2723-7977