January 14, 2013

Houtong Cat Village in Taiwan

Sleeping cat

Attentive cat

Houtong village!  It used to be a deserted mining town, but it's 'now most popular for being a Cat Village.  And it literally is a "cat village."  There are probably at least a hundred cats (not even exaggerating!) and they're all tame and neutered, so you can pet them and take pictures with them.  Each of the cats even have their own names!  I could literally spend all day here because the cats were just so cute and furry.  After a couple hours of hardcore cat-petting, I got pretty hungry, so let's just jump into the food right meow:

Dry Noodles
Taiwanese dry noodles

This was a typical dish of Taiwanese dry noodles.  It's so simple, but sometimes, simple is best! 

Flat Noodles
Flat noodles

If you feel like the noodles are a little too plain for your liking, you have plenty of Taiwanese side dishes to choose from!



The beancurd and seaweed are also classic Taiwanese side dishes.  They use the same sweet garlic-y sauce on top, which is so addicting!

Pig Stomach
Pig Stomach

Uh...I didn't try this dish because it kinda freaked me out, but my aunt seemed to enjoy it.

Shaved Ice stand
Shaved Ice stand

See those sultry cats luring you in?

Red Bean Shaved Ice
Red Bean shaved ice

Taiwan is usually super hot and humid, but I leap at any chance I get for some icy treats.  One of my favorites is shaved ice — it makes you forget about the heat for the few minutes you're eating it.

Peanut Shaved Ice
Peanut shaved ice

I was totally digging how there's 3 toppings at the bottom of the shaved ice, so eating it was kind of like digging for buried treasure!  I picked red bean, big red bean, and green bean for the bottom three, and topped it with a whopping spoonful of peanuts on top.  Mmm, so yummy, dig in!

Shaved Ice

90% done...

Shaved Ice Cat Bowl

Oh, hello there, cat!  Haha it's like a prize for finishing my shaved ice.  It's so cute how everything is cat-themed.  Seriously, like everything you could possible think of was cat-themed.

Cat Lanterns

Even cat lanterns.

Comfy cat

There's lots of food stands in the village, so by the time you've eaten your way around, you'll look just like this orange tabby here.  Food coma, or cat nap? 

Houtong Cat Village
Chetouding Village (Cat’s Village)
Houtong, Guangfu Borough, Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City