December 25, 2011

Getting Lunch and Boba Drinks at Tea Station


I hope everyone has lots and lots of love and happiness to share with friends and family!  And of course, lots and lots of food as well!  (Hmm...sounds familiar?)  But yes, that is my sincere wish!  Sadly, my family does not really celebrate Christmas, so it is just like a normal day for us...
Well, every day is always a food adventure.  We decided to head out to eat for lunch.  Since almost all American places were closed, we opted for another Asian meal at Tea Station!

Tea and More Tea

They have lovely decor inside.  Tea Station originated as a tea store, but they sell food as well (many of the dishes tea-flavored). 
There's actually 2 branches of stores, all under the name Ten Ren:  Tea Station and Tea Time.  I personally like the food at Tea Time better, but their drinks taste the same to me (delicious!)

Tea- Braised Pork Chop Meal with black and green tea in the back

Ehh.  I was expecting it to be the fried kind, but I realized I ordered the "braised" pork chop.  Oh, the language barrier...
Well, the pork chop certainly tasted like pork chop.  I'm not a big fan of pork chop like this, so I didn't particularly enjoy it. 

The tea made up for the sad main dish.  Tea Station has the best tea!  I used to always get the black tea, but recently, I have been obsessed with green tea.  There's a distinct flower taste in the tea, which I love!  You can also order it less sweetened if you want, but I just get it normal with no ice.  They also have the best boba..perfectly sweet and chewy!  Too bad I didn't have some this time around...

Side Dishes

They have delicious rice noodles!  I could eat a whole dish of it, but sadly, they don't offer it.  The side dishes change everytime, but they are generally pretty good.  

Rice, with Minced Pork

Yay!  I don't have to eat plain white rice! 

Tea-Flavored Meatballs Meal

This was actually eaten on a previous trip, but I thought I would just include it in this post.  The meatballs were supposed to be "tea-flavored", but it just tasted like normal Chinese meatballs to me.  The main dish overall tasted like something my mom would make, so I probably wouldn't order it again.  

Green & Black Tea

Boba Green Milk Tea

So good!  Usually, I just come here for the drinks, but my family likes to eat here too because it is simple. 

Oh no! 

As we left the parking lot of Tea Station, the gas indicator needle was drifting dangerously close to the E.  Since Costco is closed on Christmas, my mom was frekaing out.  But my dad was fearless, and we still stopped by two Korean supermarkets on the way home.  No worries though.  We made it home safely!

Eaten by Cathy. 

Tea Station
18558 Gale Ave
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 839-2588