December 23, 2011

Baked Goods Galore! at Paris Baguette

The photo of the shaved ice we are using on our current layout is actually from this lovely bakery!
They have the BEST shaved ice.  Topped with fresh fruit and sweet red bean paste then layered with shaved ice, light cream, and red bean to ensure yumminess in every bite!  They have four different bowl sizes and is all freshly made in the back.
To be honest, the only reason I didn't order a shaved ice this time around was because I was on my own and I didn't want to seem beastly eating a whole bowl myself because I can certainly do that.  The smallest size is for two to four people but I could easily eat two of those bowls!
But it's alright, I filled my cravings with cake and pastries.

Paris Baguette Pastries

Paris Baguette is a self-serve styled bakery originally from South Korea.  They sell fresh loaves of bread, pastries, sandwiches, coffee, cakes by the slice, and whole cakes.  I bought a few breads and cakes back home for my family!

Chocolate Choux Cream Bread
Chocolate Choux Cream Bread sweet bread with chocolate cream filling

Chocolate Choux Bread Innards
Chocolate Choux Cream Bread innards and look at that fluffy cream!

Coffee Cream Cheese Bread - Paris Baguette
Coffee Cream Cheese Bread

Coffee Cream Cheese Bread innards
Coffee Cream Cheese Bread innards

I was particularly thrilled while eating this bread!  I am a loyal coffee lover and it was refreshing to taste my coffee in my bread.  The cream cheese filling was good, right amount of sweetness to accompany the bread.  Although, it would been wonderful if the coffee taste was a bit more prominent.

I did buy more bread but it was all devoured by my family before I had chance to document them!  I'm quite a big fan on bread-with-fillings so I snagged these two and shoved them in my mouth before my folks got to it.

Mango Pudding Dessert

Mango Pudding Dessert

I admit.  I forgot the official name of this dessert.   It was FABULOUS! It was a lot like pudding but a bit lighter.  The mango glaze not too sweet and even a bit tangy.  I think this is so far my favorite dessert from Paris Baguette. 

Green Tea Sweet Potato Short
Green Tea Sweet Potato Short

It sounded interesting so I bought a slice!  After all, sweet potato is the best!  And layered with green tea flavored chiffon cake and cream?  SOUNDS LIKE THE PREFECT COMBO!    But it was alright, a bit heavy for my taste.  There was too much sweet potato filling which made the cake dense and it overtook the green tea flavor.  If the cake was not green, I would have forgotten it was even green tea flavored!   


The Cheesecake had an interesting texture.  It was much lighter than normal cheesecake and a bit crumbly.  I've noticed over the years that Asian pastries and cakes tend to be less sweet than American desserts.  And the same goes for this cheesecake.  It was like an Asian version of the New York Cheesecake (although Paris Baguette also sells that too).

Eaten by Jocelyn.

Paris Baguette
3561 El Camino Real
Ste 75

Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 260-0404