December 23, 2011

Phoenix Food Boutique

Ahh, I haven't had real Chinese food in a long time!  At our school cafeteria, the Asian station is just a bad version of Panda Express -- super oily, or super bland (but still oily). 
Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli

I love how they put so much stuff in the noodles, other than noodles.  It really bugs me when I have to eat a whole bite of noodles by itself.  Here, they make sure you have some bbq pork/egg/onions/shrimp or whatnot in each bite!  

It had a nice spice to it, since I think they put in curry powder.  The more I ate, the spicier it got, so I kinda just stopped eating it after a while.

Yeung Chow Fried Rice

The fried rice didn't have much taste, but luckily it came with some hot chili sauce, which I gladly used.

Fish Filet Porridge

I felt a bit weird ordering porridge, since the only place I usually order this is at dimsum, and even then, I don't order it very often.  However, I was just feeling for some porridge that day!  And good thing I ordered it, too.  It turned out to be the best out of the 3 plates.  I can't really say anything specific about it, because honestly, it was like any other porridge.   But, it was perfect for the cold day!

Taro, Green Tea, Red Bean, & Mango Mochi

Of course, you gotta end the meal with dessert! 
Usually when I go to Phoenix, I always get their Mango Tapioca drink, which is THE BOMB.  Their desserts and drinks are definitely a lot better than their main dishes.  Today, it was really cold, so I didn't want a cold drink.  Instead, I got some mochi! 

What was nice about their mochi was that it was cold, yet still very soft and chewy.  The mango mochi had a piece of mango inside, which was pretty cool.  The taro, green tea, and red bean were the classic tastes.  The green tea didn't have much flavor, so it was the least enjoyable for me.  The taro was my favorite! 

Eaten by Cathy. 

Phoenix Food Boutique
1709 Nogales St
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 810-8988