December 19, 2011

Hankook Supermarket

Christmas break is finally here and I AM HOME!  Cathy and I live on opposite ends of California so we won't be eating together for the next month or so.  So dear Cathy, eat twice as much at home to make up for me not being there next to you.

Oh be prepared my stomach, for you shall EXPAND GREAT LENGTHS!  This lovely month is all about eating good food.   And don't worry about those few extra pounds because you could just hit the treadmill.  Or you could just leave it to our warm thick sweaters to take care of that little bit of pudge on your tummy.  (I prefer the latter.)  

Hankook supermarket's self-serve Korean side dishes

Buckets and buckets of meat and kimchi!

So I went to Hankook Market the other day to do some groceries.  They sell fresh fruits and veggies along with all types of Korean food nesscities.  The supermarket is large, clean, and the best part is they have a self-serve area!  

You can fill up provided containers with how much you want and it is priced by the pound. They have so many types of meat!  They're all raw and marinated which is convenient for when you're craving meat at home.  Just pop the box open and throw it on the pan to cook for a few minutes!  From the ones I've tried so far (Korean Beef and Korean Ribeye), it's pretty good.  They also have various Korean side dishes and kimchi.

Kimbap from the deli

And the market all-so-conveniently has a deli in the back!  The deli sells the Korean staple dishes like dukbokki, japchae, seafood spicy tofu soup, and seafood pancakes. The supermarket also has a small bakery, stationary shop and clothing store...right next to the fresh fruits and vegetable!  So you can shop for dresses and pretty tops then take five steps and BAM!  FOOD!  Life can't get any better than that.

Anyways, I bought a tray of kimbap from the deli since I was hungry from looking at so much food and it was super yummy!  I went kind of crazy and ate the whole tray myself.

Eaten by Jocelyn.

Hankook Supermarket 
1092 E El Camino Real 
Sunnyvale, CA 94087 
(408) 244-0871