December 1, 2011

Mochi, Since 1903, from Fugestsu-Do Confectioners

Cathy's Mochi

Their mochi is really delicious.  It is a cute little shop located in LA's Little Tokyo, and it's a must-stop if you are in the area.  They are a family owned business, and have been at it since 1903!
My favorite is the White Kiku.  The mochi is just the right consistency and melts in your mouth., and the white bean filling is really fine.  They're super addicting, so make sure you try each one!  I couldn't stop eating them on the car ride back to school.

Eaten by Cathy.

Red Bean Mochi and White Kiku

They were AMAZING!  I only had two last time I went with Cathy but man, I was tempted to go back and buy a box of dozen to eat on the car ride back home.
Cathy was the one who introduced it to me which is also the reason I love her. 
 They have plenty of different flavors there.  White Kiku is the best!  And isn't pretty?

Eaten by Jocelyn.

LA Little Tokyo's wishing trees

Cathy's wish: $ and and a house and..uh.. :D

Jocelyn's wish: For TRUE Happiness

Fugestsu-Do Confectioners
315 East First St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone (213) 625-8595


Anonymous said...

LIKE OMG that mochi is totemo kawaiiiii (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ takusan mochi ga hoshiiiiiii desuneee~~~~~