December 17, 2011

One-of-a-kind Ginger Ice Cream at Joe's Homemade Ice Cream

Ginger Ice Cream

I officially began winter break on Thursday.  YAYYY NO SCHOOL FOR 3 WEEKS...Which also means, YAYYY GOOD FOOD FOR 3 WEEKS.

Anyways, my folks decided to stop in SF for a day, so I actually got back home Friday night! Haha but I had some nice food adventures in SF.  One of them was ginger flavored ice cream...I know, sounds weird right?  But it's actually really good!  It doesn't taste like GINGER SOUP or GINGER HERBAL TEA or GINGER CHICKEN, or else who would eat it?! But it does have ginger bits, which add a little spice to the ice cream.  Plus, they're really fun to chew on!  The ginger taste is actually quite subtle, but it's there for sure.  It was so good, I had to get another cone the next day before I left! hehe

If you are a ginger fan, be sure to try the ginger ice cream!  If not, the green tea is pretty good, too.  I also tried the mint chocolate chip and toasted almond flavors before, which are good, but nothing too special.  I would mainly come here for the ginger ice cream, because you can't find that anywhere else!
Oh and their sugar cones are quite wonderful.  Even when I went  at ~6pm, the cone was still as crunchy as ever! 

Eaten by Cathy. 

Joe's Ice Cream
5420 Geary Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94121


Anonymous said...

The secret is CANDIED GINGER!