January 2, 2012

Jocelyn's New Year's Eve Dinner

Happy New Year!  

As Cathy said, we're hitting the gym next this year right when we get back to school.  Or so she says.  She has never worked out her whole life.  Other than this one time she went to the gym with me.  And she lasted nine minutes.

My family and I invited two close families over to celebrate New Year's Eve!  And we only let them through the door if they food to offer.  A plate per person.  I'm just joking (sort of).

But no need to charge them entry fees because they all brought food, and delicious food at that.  All the dishes home-made with love and sweat!
The C family brought three Japanese styled dishes that were, as always, wonderful!  I think their dishes are always the first to be finished.

Honey Glazed Yam

One of my favorite dishes of all time!  They make this every time we get together and I swear I will never get tired of it.  The dish has perfect touch of sweetness which is a good change with all of the savory foods on the table!  

Sushi Rice topped with egg and shrimp

Variety of fishcakes and slices of daikon

The L family brought there famous home-made clam chowder and desserts!

A whole pot of home-made clam chowder!

There was a lot of sweat and time put into making this yummy soup.  And it was actually because I requested it... I just love it too much!  Their clam chowder is creamy, taste-bud-tickling, and never lacking of clam! 

Fruit Bowl Dessert  mix of lychee, longan, Asian pear, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, mandarin slices, lychee jelly, and home-made almond jelly

Home-made cheesecake

And as a tradition, the L family gave us a box of their scrumptious home-made cookies!  During the holidays, Mrs. L spends hours in the kitchen baking numerous batches of cookies for friends and family.  And I must say, the time was well spent because the cookies turned out great!  
The box came with two layers of cookies which I find exciting!

Peanut Butter Cookies, Peppermint Chocolate Rice Krispies, and Pecan Chocolate-Chip Cookies

The Peanut Butter Cookie filling with real peanuts was a delightful surprise!

Almond Cookies & Cream Cheese Cookies

My youngest sister who's five was throwing a tantrum while I was taking pictures of the cookies.  She kept screaming "JUST LET ME EAT THE COOKIES!!"  So when I finished with the photos, she devoured all of the cream cheese cookies declaring they were the best cookies ever!  Oh, she is just too adorable!

And just as I said I would, I made the apricot chicken dish again and it turned out even better!  Last time, I mixed the apricot sauce with the the chicken thighs before baking thinking that the chicken would be more marinated and flavor-able but it turned out a bit liquidy.  This time I just poured the sauce over the chicken before putting in the oven and apricot sauce turned out like a glaze!  And I was glad that the apricot chicken was once again a hit!

Apricot Chicken lookin' even better

(some) Made and eaten by Jocelyn.


Dennis K. said...

That's a great looking clam chowder! Happy New Year!