January 30, 2012

Kong Tofu and BBQ Korean Cuisine

There are many things that I love in the world including warm soup in your tummy on a cold rainy day.  And to give things a flair, add a little spicy to your soup and it can warm you up even more.  Oh, how I love you Korean tofu soup!  It was pretty gloomy the other day so we set out to get some hot food (both in temperature and spiciness).  We settled for Kong Tofu and BBQ Korean Cuisine because we heard from a few friends they had good tofu soup.

Korean Brown Rice Tea

Side dishes

 I think one the best things about eating at Korean restaurants is the side dishes!  And most of the times, they're unlimited which means even more happiness!  This place had amazing kimchi: slightly sweet and not overly spicy.  I think we ended up getting three more dishes of kimchi.

Their oh-so delicious kimchi!

Ddeokbokki -spicy Rice Cake with Fish Cake

Although I love spicy food, I'm kind of a wimp.  My tolerance of spicyness is about ten Hot Cheetos and I panting like crazy and running around. 

So when ordering our appetizer, ddeokbokki, I requested "less spicy" and from the looks of it, they just watered down the ddeokbokki sauce.  I think most ddeokbokki sauce is already pre-made so there isn't much they can do about the spiciness but theirs turned out pretty good!  The problem was the texture of the rice cake: it was much too soft.  Every time I took a bite, I had ddeokbokki stuck on the roof of my mouth.

Squid Soft Tofu Stew

The tofu soup came out hot and bubbling!  And just like people said, it was good.  Actually, it wasn't just "good", it was SMASHING GOOD!  The tofu soup was bursting with flavor and had just the right amount of saltiness.  A lot of the tofu soups I've had in the past were just spicy and skimped on the flavor.  Both me and my tummy were very content. 

I ordered "Mild" for the spiciness and is was still a bit too spicy for me.  Gosh, I really am too much of a wimp!  I need to start building my tolerance for spiciness.

The flavor was awesome but there wasn't enough squid in my "Squid Soft Tofu Stew".  Tofu ratio was perfect but I had to practically dig for the squid and I only found about six pieces.

One of the the few but precious pieces of squid I dug out

BiBimbab w/ Beef in a Hot Stone Bowl

My friend isn't a fan of Korean tofu soup which was kind of sad since we were at a tofu house.  So she ordered the beef BiBimbap and she enjoyed it!  Nothing amazing but the Korean beef was tasty.  I'd say that if you ever find yourself eating here, the tofu soup is the way to go. 

And you know how after you finish with your meal at Chinese restaurants they give you fortune cookies?  We got Korean yogurt drinks with our check!

Korean Yogurt Drinks

I was pleasantly surprised!  I have a bunch of these in my fridge back at home but drinking it in a restaurant makes them taste ten times better.  Especially when they're complimentary.

Eaten by Jocelyn.

Kong Tofu and BBQ Korean Cuisine
19626 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 863-0234


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