January 7, 2012

Taste-bud-tickling Handcrafted Ice Cream at Humphry Slocombe

I went to find the best ice cream in San Fransisco and I stumbled on Humphry Slocombe.  And I have to tell you, it was pretty close to perfection and it could possibly be the best!   Their ice cream is all hand crafted and their flavors are unique.  A perfect example would be their Salt and Pepper flavor.  It's not salt and pepper with vanilla ice cream, it's simply just salt and pepper making just one bite taste like BAM!  In fact, it was more on the savory side than it was the sweet which is ironic since it is ice cream we're talking about.  It was so good but also a bit too much for me...I don't think I could possibly finish a whole scoop of it. So good thing they have so many other fabulous flavors to choose from!

So after many used sample spoons and difficult contemplation, I finally decided on my scoops!

Jesus Juice Sorbet and the McEvoy Olive Oil

The McEvoy Olive Oil was so rich and had the perfect touch of sweetness!  I think one thing that sets Humphy Slocombe's apart from other ice cream is that theirs is not focused on the sugar content but rather on the flavor.

Jesus Juice Sorbet red wine + coca-cola

I have a thing for food made with alcohol.  I mean, I'm not an alcoholic (I'm also underage) but I like the scrumptious taste that only alcohol could bring out in food!  Whether that be in chicken thighs or chocolate truffles.

And that is one of the reasons I chose this sorbet.  The Jesus Juice Sorbet is made with the combination of red wine and coca-cola.  You could practically smell the wine if you take a whiff of it!  And not to disappoint, it also tasted just like it!  Well, you know, not saying I know how red wine tastes, just how I think it would...  The texture of the sorbet was not icy like a lot of other sorbets and instead more like a hardened slushy.  And again, it wasn't that sweet but it was bursting with an alcohol taste!  WOOHOO!

Taihitian Vanilla

The Taihitian Vanilla is made with hand-picked Taihitian vanilla beans.  Again, it was flavorful and rich.  One bite and you're in the world of vanilla!

My friend is more conservative when it comes to food. So all the wonderful exotic flavors that Humphry Slocombe offered were (sadly) not appealing to her .  She tried was the Chocolate with Sea Salt thinking it was going to be sweet.  But instead it was salty.  If only you could have seen the face she made!  And after seeing the uncomfortable/shocked expression of her's, the employee told her, "Oh by the way.  We added salt in it."  So in the end, she with a scoop of the Taihitian Vanilla.

I wanted to try all of their flavors!  They have about 50 amazing flavors but rotate day by day.  As I was devouring my ice cream, a idea popped my head.  If I moved in across the street from Humphry Slocombe, I could eat it everyday!  Which also means could try all the flavors!  What a genius plan! 

Eaten by Jocelyn.

Humphry Slocombe
2790 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 550-6971