January 4, 2012

Loon Wah

As a child, I would go out to eat dim sum every weekend without fail.  And sometimes even twice, that is, twice in one weekend.  It came to the point that looking at a plate of shumai would cause me to cry and run away.  Alright, I'll admit it, it didn't get that bad but dim sum was no longer a beloved delicacy.  Dim sum has its staple dishes that fill up most menus in any restaurant so there isn't all that much variety. 
But during high school I was so overworked and occupied with making my college application look flashy, I didn't have time to eat out.  So now, to my relief, dim sum is once again delicious!  And even more so when I was forced to eat college cafeteria food.  Well then again, almost any food off-campus is like a blessing.

Black Pepper Beef with Onion Pan Cake

Loon Wah is a favorite place of mine when we go out for dim sum because they have two dim sum menus!  They have the Hong Kong style dim sum which contains most of the staple steamed dim sum such as the steamed buns and dumplings.

Bean Curd Rolls

Kai-lan with oyster sauce

Chiu Chow Dumpling

Chiu Chow Dumpling innards

Then they have their Mandarin style menu which is simply SCRUMPTIOUS!  Instead of steamed dishes, most of the dishes are fried making this menu the more unhealthy one.  But the most unhealthy foods in the world are most definitely also the most yummy.

Mango Shrimp Roll

Chilled Dry Bean Curd

The food here is great but my grandpa is still fixed on ABC Seafood Restaurant for dim sum.  I admit the ambiance isn't as here.  No table cloth here.  But who knows?  Maybe it's not just the food at ABC that makes the place so appealing, maybe it's that one waitress...

Salted Sticky Rice Roll savory Chinese donut with shredded pork and pickled vegetable rolled in sticky rice

Green Onion Pancake with Egg

Eaten by Jocelyn.

Loon Wah
1146 S De Anza Blvd
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 257-1642