January 6, 2012

Japanese Cuisine at Ojiya

One of my favorite restaurants!  Ojiya is the place to go to for authentic Japanese food.  They also have branches in Japan and Hawaii -- that's when you know it's legit!

From their sushi, to their combination boxes, to their noodles, they never fail to impress.


They have traditional Japanese decor, so right when you enter, you walk in through one of those wooden overheads. 
It's a pretty tiny restaurant, so it gets packed easily!  We came right when they opened for lunch, so it was still pretty empty.  When we finished eating, the room was packed, and many people were waiting outside.

Udon Noodles
Udon Noodle Soup

Usually I don't order udon at restaurants, but the special came with sushi (below).  The noodles were perfectly chewy, and the soup was light yet flavorful.  Ojiya has the best udon that I have tried so far.  No place else seems to be able to get the chewiness right!

Salmon Toro + California Roll

Isn't this pretty!  I always thought that if food were people, sushi would definitely be the fashion models of the world. 

3-Item Combo
3-Item Bento Box: sushi, tempura, and salmon cheek

So filling...the 3-item combo also comes with soup and salad.  The salmon cheek is the bomb!  Tender, juicy salmon!  Can't beat that.

3-Item Bento Box: chicken teriyaki, sashimi, and fish katsu

Bad communication with the waitress -- I had a suspicion that they would use tartar sauce for the fish (I don't like tartar sauce), so I asked for the sauce on the side..but she just brought me extra katsu sauce on the side!  Boohoo, so I had to manually scrape it off.

I was also sad that the sashimi looked dinky today.  But it was still mighty fresh!
I prefer cooked over raw fish, so I took my sashimi home and threw them into soup.  I could definitely taste the freshness of the fish even in the soup, so imagine eating it there!

Eaten by Cathy.

4183 Chino Hills Pkwy
Ste J & K

Chino Hills, CA 91709
(909) 606-8638


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