January 27, 2012

Nutella S'mores Sandwich

One good thing about college is that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.  I mean, at home, could you eat dessert for dinner? Nutella and marshmallows for dinner? OH BUT WE CAN!
We were actually craving s'mores, but we didn't have two of the key ingredients: graham crackers and chocolate.  So we decided to improvise and create our oh-so-delicious Nutella S'mores Sandwich!

Look at that rich, hazelnut-y spread!

Our marshmallows are lookin' pretty chubby!

How to make this delightful meal:

1.  Spread a generous amount of delicious Nutella onto a slice of bread.

2.  Split 2 marshmallows in half, and center them in the middle of your bread.  (We cut our bread slice in half.)

3.  Microwave on medium-high power for 25-30 seconds, or until your marshmallows become too big to fit on your bread.

4.  Remove them, and eat them while they're pipin' hot and at the peak of deliciousness! 

A bite out of the irresistible sandwich

Eaten by Jocelyn and Cathy.