January 20, 2012

Coffee Time at Cocola Bakery

Remember that box of Cocola Bakery French Macarons I bought from Costco?  Not exactly the best of memories.  So I decided to try the real thing in hopes of it being better!

The Cocola Bakery on Santana Row is constantly packed being such a tiny revenue and being so popular.  The line was quite long but it gave me all the time to drool over their display of desserts and pastries!

Their drool-worthy selection of desserts

Their drinks also seemed pretty popular so I went ahead and ordered a drink to accompany my dessert.  I don't know what it was that day, but I ordered everything banana flavored.

Banana Hot Chocolate

And I also wanted taste their coffee so I got a two-shot espresso.  It was alright.  The body wasn't thick enough and the flavor was a bit weak.  The Banana Hot Chocolate though, was delicious!  Plenty of banana taste and was not overly sweet.  Their hot chocolates are served in HUGE cups which made it all the more fun to drink!

Double-shot espresso and Banana Hot Chocolate.  Look at the size of that cup!

I was about to give their French macarons a second try until I saw a bunch of the same boxes of macarons I bought from Costco on display.  I was scared they just took macarons out of the boxes and sold them at the bakery.  So I asked an employee if they bake their macarons fresh at the bakery and sure enough, they didn't.  So I just skipped the macarons and went along with my banana craving.

Banana Crunchy Mousse

Banana Crunch Mousse hazelnut chocolate shell filled with banana milk chocolate mousses and almond chocolate cake

Oh, it was banana heaven!  The mousse was light, fluffy, and bursting with banana flavor.  A bite of the mousse with a sip of my Banana hot chocolate, mmm...

Eaten by Jocelyn.

Cocola Bakery
333 Santana Row Suite 1045
San Jose, CA 95128