February 1, 2012

Searching for Good Ramen at Chop Chop Grill

One of my favorite foods of all times is ramen.  Now when I say ramen, I don't mean the instant kind that can be made in 2 minutes.  I'm talking about the legit bowls of chewy noodle, with flavorful soup that is stewed for hours.

Late at night, I often find myself craving a nice, hot bowl of ramen.  It's just so good!  Needless to say, I often find myself on the hunt for good ramen.  Today's stop: Chop Chop Grill.  

The cool thing about Chop Chop Grill is that you order from a touch-screen computer, so you can customize your entire dish!  For ramen dishes, you can order your noodles softer/harder, and take out/add any toppings.  It made me feel like I was 20 years into the future. So...pretty cool.

Miso Ramen

The miso broth was a bit watered down, but it still had decent flavor.  The ramen came with plenty of toppings, which I enjoyed, and the noodles had a good chewiness to them.  And the best part of the dish: the lovely egg with the yolk still soft and oozing!

The only "bad" thing about this dish was that the chashu was not very fresh.  It had that dingy taste, as if it had been cooked in a basement several months ago, frozen, and then just thrown into the soup.  (Okay, maybe not that bad, but it definitely was not fresh!)  
If the meat had been fresher, this ramen would have fared much better.

Tonkotsu Ramen

The Tonkotsu broth was much thicker than the miso one, so I liked this one better.  It was not as watered down, giving it good depth.  However, the meat was the same, so it took away from this potentially great bowl of ramen.  

Pork Katsu with Curry

All their curry dishes come in this cute tin pot, with the flame still burning!  So if you are a slow eater, your curry will be piping hot until the last bite!  
The pork katsu was perfectly cooked -- nice and crunchy on the outside, and juicy and tender on the inside.  The Japanese curry sauce was yummy as well, but you really can't mess up curry unless you water it down like crazy.  The curry here was actually quite thick and flavorful, with a gentle kick of spice (as customized with the hi-tech computer.) 

Eaten by Cathy.

Chop Chop Grill
1253 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789
(909) 598-7588