February 27, 2012

We just might have found heaven at M & W Bakery

Who would've known that right next to our school was one of the most fabulous bakeries of all time?
How could we have been so blind?  Oh so so blind we were.  Both of us agree that M & W Dutch American Bakery is one of the best we ever had!
 We wish that you could also taste these little pieces of heaven, but at the very least, you can take a look and salivate.

Mille-feuille alternating layers of puff pastry and custard cream

  Doesn't it look just mouth-watering?  Yeah, actually all their desserts do!
It was super flaky, thick, and creamy.  Although, the cream could have been a tad bit sweeter -- the two of us have quite the sweet tooth. 

Chocolate Honey Almond Bar chocolate covering layers of marzipan, almonds, and chocolate cake

Whenever we walk into See's Candies and they offer us samples of Pineapple Buttercream Truffle or Maple Walnut, we always request the Marzipan instead.  If you don't know what Marzipan is, then you are oh so so missing out!  BECAUSE MARZIPAN IS THE BEST!  Marzipan is a honey almond paste, which happens to also be the most perfect chocolate filling.

When we found out that the entire bar was filled with marzipan, we were so giddy!  Although it looks large, the bar was not enough to satisfy our marzipan addiction.

Fun fact:  There was a point in time when Cathy's biggest dream was to get a Marzipan vending machine fixed into our dorm wall that provided unlimited Marzipan chocolates.

Chocolate Mousse Cake moist chocolate cake, layered with rich chocolate mousse, and encased in chocolate ganache

This was the ultimate combination of Chocolate's reincarnation.  The funnest part was poking the fork into the cake and breaking that smooth, delicate layer of chocolate.  Just looking at this picture makes us want to stab it all over again!

Guess what this is?

 We know it's not colorful or perfectly shaped, but it is actually a French macaron!  And a delicious one at that.  When we saw a tray of these behind the display, we have to admit, we thought they were kind of ugly.  They came in all sorts of sizes, and were not smooth on top.  When they told us they were French macarons, we were surprised and a bit skeptical, but that was more the reason we had to try one out.

Raspberry French Macaron innards

It was amazing.  The macaron was perfectly soft with a thin, crisp crust on the outside.  The raspberry mousse was spot-on.  Proves that you should never judge a book by its cover.  Or in our case, to never judge food by its appearance. 

Eaten by Jocelyn and Cathy. 

M & W Dutch American Bakery 
4343 Pacific Ave 
Ste A6
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 473-3828 


miemiemie said...

I was craving for macarons since I moved here. Lovely review you have here. I should tell my husband about this shop. Thanks for the detailed review.

Shante said...

thanks- I have been wanting these and wasnt sure where to look for them