February 14, 2012

XXL Boba Milk Tea at Verde Tea Cafe

So after dinner, my friend and I strolled around to digest the meal and we noticed a super crowded cafe.  It was around 11 PM at that time so we were curious what all the hype was about.  As we got closer, I  saw people sitting outside this cafe with huge cups of boba.  And when I say huge, I mean HUGE!  It was like those plastic pint size containers that you buy soup in!  My eyes lit up and I was like "I NEED ONE OF THOSE!"  It looked like boba heaven!

The menu featured "Frothy" Milk Teas starting at $2.75 and for an extra $1 you can upgrade to that pint sized boba milk tea.  So of course I paid the extra buck!  
They only had one person taking orders and waiting table so the line moved quite slow.  And I found out there isn't really anywhere for you to just sit and chat.  You need a $5 minimum order to sit at the tables inside the cafe because they also serve food.  They do have two tables outside but it was so cold!

Frothy Milk Tea with Boba & Frothy Rose Green Milk Tea with Boba

Oh-ho!  It's actually frothy!

All milk teas should come in pint sizes.

I would say for the price, the milk teas were not bad at all.  I mean, I needed both my hands to hold my drink!  I don't think I've ever drank anything that big in my life.  Although I think I was more thrilled about the size than the taste.  My rose green milk tea got a tad too sweet but the original milk tea was good.  Boba texture was soft and chewy.  The extra-large size required so much boba, it got me wondering how many pounds of boba they had to make a day! 

My cup was too big to fit in the car's cup holder...

When I got into the car, I realized my cup didn't fit in the cup holder!  My friend was laughing so hard when I had to hand her my drink to put on my seat belt. I was forced to just hold my drink all the way back home.
And if you're wondering, my boba lasted me a good two days!

Sipped by Jocelyn.

Verde Tea Cafe
19620 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 873-2868