March 5, 2012

Tea Time just never ends!

There are some places where you wish that time would freeze so that you could chill for as long as you wanted.  Places on my list include:

 1) Disneyland - the happiest place on Earth where dreams come true;
2) Vegas - the grandiose place where you can forget your worries;
 and 3) Ten Ren's Tea Time - the humble tea cafe where you can eat and drink your heart out!

Kung Pao Chicken 

Sizzling Spaghetti spaghetti topped with meaty marinara sauce and a fried egg, served on a sizzling plate

And now, the drinks!  Like I've said before, I think Ten Ren's has the best boba tea drinks ever!  Ten Ren's is actually split into Ten Ren's Tea Station and Ten Ren's Tea Time, but their drinks are equally wonderful.  I think Tea Station tends to be more family oriented, while Tea Time attracts a younger crowd.  But, I love both!

Boba and Pudding Snow milk tea ice with boba and pudding, drizzled with molasses

Today, when ordering drinks, I had an eye-opening experience (kind of) that made me realize that I needed to improve my Chinese skills.  Here's what happened.
When I went with my friends, they both ordered their drinks in Mandarin.  When it was my turn, I instinctively defaulted to ordering in English.  Here's how it went:

Me:  "Can I have the boba and pudding snow, with uh...molasses?"
Waitress:  "Uh......"
Me: "Uh......"
I was at a lost of words!  Luckily, my friend came to the rescue and translated.

Anyways, on the menu, the syrup is called "molasses."  MOLASSES.  I mean, technically that's what it is, but MOLASSES is not a common word, so the waitress was super confused.  If only I was confident enough in my Chinese skills, I could have avoided that awkward "uh..." moment with the waitress.

closer look at the pudding

My Chinese skills (or lack thereof) aside, the drink was well worth it!  It was like SWEET HEAVEN in my mouth.  Perfectly chewy boba and silky egg pudding, mixed with icy milk snow, and topped with sweet sugar syrup! I mean, uh...MOLASSES.

Eaten by Cathy.

Ten Ren's Tea Time (for the drinks)
18423 E Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 854-6045

Ten Ren's Tea Time (for the food)
515 N Grand Ave
Ste F
Walnut, CA 91788
(909) 839-2665