March 16, 2012

Café Sabarsky: Dessert for Breakfast

Marzipan - Guglhupt marzipan ring cake served with rich whipped cream

We wanted to get the most out of our New York trip, so we got to Café Sabarsky right when the doors opened at 9 AM.  We were presented with a menu filled with toasts, eggs, bacon, and other delicious breakfast entrées.  

But funny thing, we walked about half an hour to get to the café and that somehow sparked our sweet tooth.  And since airplanes nowadays only allow one carry-on, we had no choice but to leave our healthy eating habits behind in California.  (Hahahaha, we so funny.)

As we were sitting down, we walked past a beautiful display of delicious looking cakes.  So we kind of flipped to the end of the menu to their cake selection. 

Marzipan - Guglhupt

The Marzipan - Guglhupt was made with the right amount of sweetness and the marzipan bits were a real treat!  The cake had a bit of a crumbly texture which could be easily confused with it being dry.
We would like to point out that the whipped cream was the same size as the slice of cake, or perhaps even bigger.  It was a tad expensive ($7.00).

Sachertorte classic viennese dark chocolate cake with house made apricot confiture served with rich whipped cream

The Sachertorte ($9.00) was topped with a smooth layer of chocolate ganache, which nicely contrasted the moist chocolate cake.  Each bite left a faint apricot aftertaste, which was quite delightful!

We're slowly eating our way down 5th and Madison Avenue, this being our first stop!  We have a feeling we'll be very sweeted out when this is all over.

Eaten by Jocelyn and Cathy.

Café Sabarsky
1048 5th Avenue  
New York, NY 10028
(212) 288-0665

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