April 19, 2013

Ji Pin Restaurant

I know, I know, another Taiwan post.  Seems like I've been living in Taiwan for almost a year now, but trust me, it was just one summer!   I have a ton of more pics, but Taiwan is soon coming to a wrap.  For this adventure, join me through a dim sum experience like no other!


Tea Pot with a warmer!
Tea is always warm!

It was actually a fire under the teapot, so your tea was always the right temperature!  The staff here are super friendly and attentive, so your tea pot (and tea cups!) are always full!  Great service!

Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo shoots

The bamboo shoots were lightly sauteed with a mild, refreshing flavor.  The perfect way to start off the meal!

Shrimp Dumplings
Shrimp dumplings

Chili Sauce
Chili sauce

You know how normal dim sum places give you a small plate of red and yellow sauce?  I usually only eat the red chili sauce just to add a little spice to my dim sum.  Here at Ji Pin Restaurant, their chili sauce is hardcore!  Imagine a chili sauce that is made to order.  Yeah, kind of what it tasted like!  They should seriously consider making it into a soup haha

Shark Fin Dumplings
Shark fin dumplings

Shark Fin Dumplings 2

Rice Roll
Shrimp rice roll

Rice rolls are one of my favorite dim sum dishes.  The roll itself was very chewy, and I loved how the sauce wasn't too soy sauce-y/salty.  It had more of a roasted aroma too it, which made it stand out from the hundreds of rice rolls I've eaten in the past.

Salty Egg with Pumpkin
Salty egg and pumpkin

Luffa (sigua) and Pork
Luffa, pork and wood ear

No, not a loofah for scrubbing your lovely legs.  Luffa (a type of squash), has a soft yet crunchy texture, quite similar to that of wood ear (a mushroom.)  I thought it was pretty genius to put the two together.  

Fried Daikon Roll
Fried daikon rolls

Oh my gawd, daikon!  I never thought about mushing up daikon and frying it as a roll, but man, it was so delicious!  The soft texture of the daikon played well with the flaky crust.  Definitely a must try if you come here, because I've never seen this anywhere else before!

Leek Dumplings
Leek dumplings

Fish on Tofu
Fish on tofu

We came with a friend who frequents this restaurant quite often, and she custom ordered this dish for us.  Imagine a long, tiring day at work.  It's 9 pm and you finally get to go back home.  The first thing I would do?  Plop down on my memory foam mattress!  Yeah, best feeling in the world.  

That must be how the fish feels, lying on top of that silky bed of tofu.  The tofu was the star of this dish – so soft, yet rich and egg-y at the same time.  You could also taste hints of black pepper, my fav!

Egg Tart
Egg tart

Red bean Soup
Red bean soup

Egg Custard Bun
Egg Custard Bun

Haha for you loyal readers, does this look familiar?  Sadly, I didn't capture the inner flow-y goodness like Jocelyn's, but it was definitely bursting with that egg custard innards.

And finally, I really have to give it to Ji Pin Restaurant for their excellent service!  They seriously treat you like royalty here... pouring your tea for you, clearing out your table, and changing your plates every few dishes!  To the manager, if you are reading this, thank you for such a great dim sum meal 

Ji Pin Restaurant
2樓, No. 236, Section 4, Xìnyì Rd
Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
(02) 2700-3311