June 30, 2012

Ice Cream for Lunch

When you're in New York, it really is impossible to walk directly from point A to point B. We were actually looking for something to eat for lunch in Little Italy that day but there were just so many distractions! Most of them food-related...haha

We were just strolling the streets and BAM!  Our eyes caught Ferrara's adorable gelato cart on the sidewalk and we practically sprinted to it.  But it turned out to be a display, all fake... (but it actually looked pretty good for being plastic, good enough to lure us inside for the real stuff).

Gelato cart

The (real) pretty gelato

Ohoho! The real gelato looked just as yummy as the display outside!  Except this one was edible, which is ten times better  

Stracciatella,  Coffee gelato
Coffee & Pistachio gelato

There's a funny story behind this cone.  For the first scoop, Cathy asked for pistachio and the employee scooped pistachio.  (Fun fact: This is the first time Cathy has had pistachio gelato.  Mindblowing, really.)  When she asked for tiramisu, the employee started scooping the gelato next to the tiramisu.  Cathy spoke up and said she was pretty sure, according to the labels, that it was coffee he was scooping and tiramisu was the one next to it.  The employee then gave her a slighty offensive "excuse me?" look, and said "No.  This is tiramisu.".

Well, it turned out that Cathy was right, and it was coffee and not tiramisu. (Customers are always right!)  Maybe he realized halfway and hence the extra scoop he gave Cathy.  The coffee gelato was not bad but we'll never know if the tiramisu was any good!

Banana, Hazelnut gelato
Banana & Hazelnut gelato

Jocelyn's was all good though.  And look at that combo, it was like eating banana with Nutella!  And the hazelnut gelato even had real hazelnuts in it.  Despite the rude employee, Ferrara is actually a great place for gelato.  Their flavors are rich like the bank!

We actually had an ice cream place planned for Chinatown, so we walked there while finishing our gelato.  You gotta have dessert after lunch, right?

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - New York


The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is actually a tiny shop, but they have so many flavors.  Each customer is only allowed two samples but there were almost 30 different flavors to choose from!  It was almost an impossible task to choose especially since many of their flavors were unique, not just your typical chocolate and vanilla. They had a lot of Chinese dessert-flavored ice cream like sesame, egg tart, and almond cookie which was pretty awesome!  We eat that stuff all the time, but to have it morph into ice cream?  HECK YES!

Because we wanted to try as many flavors as possible, we got the triple scoop.  We usually get either two or three scoops when it comes to ice cream because we're pigs ice cream enthusiasts.  So we were thinking, three scoops?  No biggie.

But when the employee started scooping...

Three Scooped Ice cream
Three large scoops of ice cream

...we had to rethink that.

The ice cream was piled up way above the rim!  And did we mention, they scooped the ice cream into 16 oz cups?  We have never seen anything that..AMAZING!  

Chocolate Cookie, Pandan, Lychee ice cream
Bottom to top: Almond Cookie & Pandan & Lychee sorbet

The almond cookie ice cream was brilliantly delicious and tasted just like an almond cookie, even had cookie bits.  It was as if the almond cookies reincarnated into ice cream: heavenly! (haha)  Pandan is Malaysian leaf and has a special taste.  It's kind of hard to describe but it was quite refreshing.  As for the lychee sorbet, it was bursting with lychee flavor and the sorbet texture was spot on!

Spoonful of Pandan ice cream
Pandan Ice Cream

All of the ice cream had this smooth, thick texture to it.  From the first bite all the way to the bottom of the cup, the ice cream was the perfect consistency!  It was a bit softer than most ice creams, so it just melted in your mouth.  Definitely drool-worthy!

Taro, Ginger, Mango Papaya ice cream
Taro & Ginger & Mango Papaya ice cream

The Taro was fabulous!  It had plenty of taro bits, which made it even more packed with the unique sweetness of taro.
The ginger ice cream here had the mild spice of ginger, while of course still leaving a pleasant sweet aftertaste like ice cream should!  For ginger lovers (like Cathy), all ginger ice creams are mighty delicious.  So if you are a ginger lover (or even apathetic towards it), you should try some ginger ice cream!  It could potentially change your life  
The Mango Papaya sorbet was cool and tangy.  You could definitely taste the wonderful marriage between the mango and papaya!

Eaten by Jocelyn and Cathy.

Ferrara Café
195 Grand Street
New York City, NY 10013
(212) 226-6150

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
65 Bayard Street
Manhattan Chinatown
New York, NY 10013
(212) 608-4170 or (757) 752-8696
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